Welcome to the Oklahoma City Chapter of the FBA

With over 500 members and currently ranked the eighth largest FBA Chapter in the country, the Oklahoma City Chapter of the Federal Bar Association serves as a forum for federal legal issues in central and western Oklahoma.  Our chapter’s inclusive board of directors brings together judges and lawyers from a wide variety of legal fields, including civil and criminal practitioners and both government attorneys and private counsel.  The chapter presents prominent speakers at dinner events such as the annual William J. Holloway, Jr., Lecture, and also facilitates more informal programs, such as monthly lunches with federal judges and members of the local bar.  The chapter also hosts continuing legal education programs for its members and the legal community. 


FBA-OKC presents The Role of the Magistrate Judge on April 11, 2017

Please join the Oklahoma City Chapter for a presentation by four U.S. Magistrate Judges on what magistrate judges do, including explaining pre-trial felony hearings, search warrant applications, prisoner appeals, settlement conferences etc.

FBA-OKC April Social Gathering on April 11, 2017

Please join the Oklahoma City Chapter for a social gathering on the patio of Blu in Norman. This event follows the Law Student Division's Programming of "The Role of the Magistrate Judge." We invite all Law Student Division Members and encourage any mentoring pairs to join as well.

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