Posted by Judge Robert E. Bacharach on 08/31/2012

The Federal Bar Association proudly puts its spotlight on Eva Hixson!

Eva is retiring on August 31, 2012, after 45 years of service as a deputy court clerk. Before joining the Western District of Oklahoma, Eva spent 20 years as a deputy court clerk for the Oklahoma County District Court. There she did accounting and docketing and worked on every appeal from the Oklahoma County District Court.

It was during Eva’s service at the Oklahoma County Court Clerk’s Office that she met a young law student who was clerking for Judge Charles Owens. That law student was Bob Dennis. And, when Bob was appointed Court Clerk in the Western District of Oklahoma, he contacted Eva and encouraged her to apply. Eva was enjoying work at the Oklahoma County Court Clerk’s Office but, to the federal court’s good fortune, she applied and joined the Western District of Oklahoma Court Clerk’s office in 1987. Initially, she joined the office as an intake clerk. Her duties over the next 25 years have expanded, along with her responsibilities. As a case administrator, Eva works with attorney admissions, fields calls to the Help Desk, and assists practitioners with electronic case filing.

In Eva’s 45-year tenure as an assistant court clerk, she has seen extraordinary changes. To Eva, the biggest change is the development of a paperless filing system in federal court. In 2004, when electronic case filing was developed, Eva shared responsibility for creation of a menu which served as a framework for how documents would be filed. Although Eva was somewhat apprehensive at the time about a paperless filing system, she views the development as a remarkable success.

After 45 years of work as a deputy court clerk, Eva is looking forward to the opportunity for relaxation in her retirement. Until now, Eva has never spent more than about a week away from work. In her retirement, Eva will have an opportunity to spend more time with her numerous hobbies — gardening, sewing, reading, cooking, and shopping for antiques.

Eva has confronted a number of health problems — diabetes, heart problems, and amputation — with extraordinary grace. Her upbeat attitude is infectious, spreading warmth and joy to everyone in her path.

Chief Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange says of Eva: "She is always very professional as she goes about her work and is a very kind person. I will miss what she brings every day to our Court."

Similarly, Judge Robin Cauthron describes Eva as sweet and hard working, always with good humor and a sweet smile. Judge Cauthron adds that she is inspired by Eva’s example.

Bob Dennis says:

I remember when Eva and I first worked together in the Oklahoma County Court Clerk’s Office in the early 1970s. She then had a reputation among the bench and bar of being one of the most competent and conscientious employees in the Clerk’s Office at the time. Not only did she have a wide reputation for being very professional, but she also was known for her charming personality and friendly attitude. When I later became the U.S. District Court Clerk in the late 1980s, I was delighted when Eva indicated her willingness to come work in this office. Over the years, Eva has proven to be a superb employee and an outstanding member of our staff. She has provided a consistent example of maturity, professionalism and fortitude that all should strive to emulate. When Eva retires in a few days, I will feel that I have lost an old trusted friend since she and I have worked together for almost my entire working career.

The Federal Bar Association echoes the apt descriptions by Chief Judge Miles-LaGrange, Judge Cauthron, and Court Clerk Bob Dennis. We will all miss you, Eva!