Posted by Judge Robert Bacharach on 06/24/2013


         As part of its continuing series on the men and women in the court clerk’s office, the Federal Bar Association proudly profiles Judge Heaton’s spectacular case administrator:  Pam Weeks.

         Pam’s upbeat attitude and enthusiasm are contagious, as all her many friends in the courthouse know.  A primary source of Pam’s upbeat attitude is her family.  Pam is one of six children, growing up in Muskogee.  Her parents, Tom and Flora Ranallo, moved to Muskogee from Hartshorne, Oklahoma, where her Italian ancestors moved when they emigrated to the United States.  While living in Muskogee, Pam’s father worked for Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, where Pam also worked as a drafting clerk.  Tom Ranallo also raised and educated his six children, teaching them how to enjoy life as a family that farmed together.  The farmland spanned 90 acres; and at an early age, Pam, her brother, and four sisters learned the value of hard work.

         Pam has three wonderful children:  Melissa, Matthew, and Nick.  All are married and, to Pam’s delight, have produced four grandchildren: Ethan (age 11), Isabella (age 4), Raley (age 11), and Nathan (age 9).  In addition to her “human” children, she has a Yorkie, which one of her sons (Nick) and his wife (Brianne) gave her for Christmas a few years ago.

         Pam’s second family is our own court family, where Pam has played an instrumental role for over 12 years.  But, she’s been a part of its extended family – including the Eastern District of Oklahoma – for over 20 years.  Before coming to the Western District of Oklahoma, Pam worked at the Eastern District of Oklahoma under the supervision of the late Bruce Guthrie.  There Pam started in 1991 by doing intake and carrying out the duties of a deputy clerk.  She then spent much of her time in the departments involving procurement and space/facilities.  While there Pam developed great expertise in renovations and was invited by Circuit Judge Stephanie Seymour to decorate her chambers.  Pam also had a hand in renovating the federal courthouse in Muskogee and the Carl Albert Courthouse in McAlester.

         In 2001, when Bob Dennis and Gayle Holverson faced the need to renovate the Western District’s courthouse, they contacted Pam and persuaded her to come to Oklahoma City and lead the renovation.  Her initial assignment was for two years.  During this time-period, Pam led the renovation of the chambers for many of our judges.

         As the renovation came to a close in 2003 and Pam’s two-year term was to end, the Western District of Oklahoma faced a change even more daunting than the renovations:  the move to electronic case filing.  Fortunately, Pam had previous knowledge and experience in the duties of a deputy clerk.  Pam kindly agreed to stay on and played an instrumental role in the Western District’s launch of electronic case filing.  She eventually became a case administrator for Judge Heaton, a position she currently occupies.          

         Bob Dennis, the Court Clerk, praises Pam:

         Pam was first recommended to us some twelve years ago by my good friend, the late Bruce Guthrie, Court Clerk of the Eastern District of Oklahoma.  Involved in space and facilities she had been responsible for renovating the courtroom in the Carl Albert Courthouse in McAlester, the renovations of the Chief Judge’s Chambers and courtrooms in Muskogee, and invited to help with the decorating of chambers of Circuit Judge Stephanie Seymour in Tulsa.  She is likewise responsible for the renovations of many chambers and courtrooms here in the Western District.  What I like most about Pam is her cheerful attitude and her willingness to get the job done no matter who gets credit.  A great team player.

         Chief Deputy Court Clerk, Rhonda Reynolds, holds the same high regard for Pam, commenting:  “Pam is an extremely talented colleague.  The many areas of her expertise make her one of our very valued employees.  She is always eager to help – no matter what the task.”

         The court family’s high regard for Pam is reciprocal, as she says:  “Oklahoma City is my home now even though I’m an Okie from Muskogee.  I’m happy to be here!”  Pam, we’re happy you’re here, too!  And for that, the Federal Bar Association is happy to salute you and thank you for all you’ve done to brighten our lives!