Posted by Judge Robert Bacharach on 11/30/2012

FBA’s Spotlight on Rick Wade 

Rick Wade

The Federal Bar Association proudly puts its spotlight on Rick Wade, valued member of the court family in the Western District of Oklahoma. 

A native Oklahoman, Rick graduated from Northwest Classen High School and attended Central State University. 

After attending college, Rick went to work at Honeywell until it experienced a major layoff in 1975.  At the same time, the court clerk (Rex Hawks) was wanting to hire a file clerk who wanted to make a career here.  In search of such a person, Mr. Hawks contacted Honeywell’s human relations manager and, not surprisingly, she recommended Rick. 

Of course, Rick thoroughly impressed Mr. Hawks.  But Rick’s hiring had to be approved by the chief district judge, who was the Honorable Fred Daugherty.  The problem: 23-year-old Rick Wade sported long hair and a beard, and Judge Daugherty was not a fan of either one on young men like Rick.  So, Mr. Hawks gently suggested a shave.  Fortunately, Rick took the advice and Judge Daugherty was suitably impressed — and Rick was hired. 

In the next 37+ years, Rick was promoted from a file clerk to statistical clerk, to a courtroom deputy for Judge Chandler, to a courtroom deputy for Judge West, and eventually to his current position as Operations Manager.  Rick fondly remembers all of these roles.  But he has special memories of his time with Judge West.  Of Judge West, Rick says:  “These were the best years I ever spent.  I love that man like a father.” 

The admiration is mutual, for Judge West says about Rick: 

Rick was my courtroom deputy for many years.  I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with him, and simply cannot imagine a more capable or effective courtroom deputy. 

Ricochet, as I nicknamed Rick, and I share many common values and interests — including unbounded enthusiasm for the O.U. football team. 

Although Rick has not discussed his future plans with me, I have every confidence he will bring to his future endeavors the extraordinary skill and competence that have made a success of his every undertaking thus far.

Bob Dennis, the Court Clerk, has similar glowing remarks about Rick: 

I don’t think I can ever remember a time when Rick was late getting into the office. He has always been very punctual and dependable. I think he may have one of the most enviable records for having the highest accumulated unused sick leave balances in the office. 

Rick has been the recipient of many outstanding evaluations, quality step increases and cash awards over the many years he has worked in the court. He has always conducted himself in a very quiet and dignified manner and has always been a steady hand at the helm.  Rick is known for his good nature and calm disposition. He has been a loyal and dedicated employee who reflects credit upon this court and upon this office. 

After over 37 years with the court family, Rick is heading to the next chapter in his journeys — retirement.  He began thinking about retirement in the Spring of 2012.  At about the same time, Rick was diagnosed with an aggressive form of skin cancer.  Fortunately, doctors detected the cancer early and were able to remove the melanoma.  Today, Rick is cancer-free, but mindful from his scare of the blessings in his life.  Some of his many blessings are his wife Linda and his two daughters (Brandy and Amy).  Rick is also the proud grandfather of five (Brooke, Drake, Isaiah, Jade, and Emma).  In his retirement, Rick plans on spending more time with his precious daughters and grandchildren. 

Rick is so proud of them, and we are so proud of Rick!  As he begins this wonderful new chapter in his life, the F.B.A. proudly puts its spotlight on Rick Wade.  Farewell, Rick; we are all blessed by your dedicated service for 37 years.