Notice for Membership Meeting on May 25, 2017

Posted by Jodi Dishman on 05/15/2017



Date: Thursday, May 25, 2017

Time:  12:00 PM

Place:  Federal Courthouse, Magistrate Judges’ Conf. Room, 200 NW 4th St., Okla. City

By Email Proxy:  Reply to this email or email Chapter Secretary Jodi Dishman at [email protected].  Proxies must indicate your name and your vote on the 2017 Proposed Amendments (approve or disapprove).  A proposed proxy follows this Notice.    

Purpose:  Vote on 2017 Proposed Amendments to Chapter Bylaws:

The Oklahoma City Chapter last amended its Bylaws in 2008.  The Chapter’s Board proposes Bylaws amendments to:

(1) Increase the Board of Directors’ size given the Chapter’s growing size and needs;

(2) Change Officers and Directors to accommodate growth and needs; and

(3) Conform the Bylaws to the FBA Constitution and Bylaws, to the Chapter’s Certificate of Incorporation, and for internal consistency.  

The proposed amended Bylaws are attached, as well as a document showing revisions from the 2008 Bylaws to the 2017 Proposed Amendments.

(A Proposed Proxy Follows)



            I __________________ hereby grant my Proxy to any member of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma City Chapter of the Federal Bar Association attending the May 25, 2017, Membership Meeting to vote as follows:


            ______  Approve the 2017 Proposed Amendments to Chapter Bylaws


            ______  Disapprove the 2017 Proposed Amendment to Chapter Bylaws



                                                                                    [signature or reply from your email address]