Posted by Melanie Jester on 03/28/2014

In the last six months, the Oklahoma City Chapter has seen significant growth and now reports a record high in reaching total membership of 364 members.  The Chapter is now the tenth largest chapter in the Nation. We welcome our new members and extend appreciation to our existing members for their contributions in making our Oklahoma City Chapter a continued success. 

February 2014 New Members

Connie Lynn Calvert
Cameron Capps
Dixie Coffey
Charles Dickson
Justin Grose
John Hadden
Kari Hawkins
Lanita Henricksen
Mark Henricksen
Kindanne Jones
Stephanie Lawson
Richard Mann
Kevin McClure
Wilson McGarry
Devan Pederson
Aaron Stewart
Dan Weitman
Susan Werner

January 2014 New Members

Walter R. Echo-Hawk
Rand C. Eddy
Selby Rains
Ashley Shapiro

December 2013 new Members

Joshua D. Wells
Jessica H. Youngberg

November 2013 New Members

Michael J. Amend
Tina L. Izadi
Nicholas J. Patterson
Elise N. Puma
Cullen D. Sweeney
Daniel L. White

October 2013 New Members

Erica Mackey
Michael C. Pierson
Rabindranath  Ramana
Juan A. Ramos
Mary K. Walters

September 2013 New Members

Matthew P. Anderson
Sarah Burstein
Gus H. Buthman
Jodi W. Dishman
Dylan Erwin
Brandi M. Haskins
Robert N. Naifeh
Tenedra Robertson
A. Ainslie Stanford II
Rex Travis
Diana T. Vermeire
Pierce W. Winters