Oklahoma City Chapter Proudly Boasts 385 Members

Posted on 02/27/2015

Tony Lacy, Vice President of Membership received the January 31, 2015 Oklahoma City Chapter Membership Report from the Federal Bar Association’s National Office on February 27, 2015 and immediately forwarded it to the Board. Along with the Excel spreadsheet containing names and membership information of the new and existing members, was a simple announcement – “385 members. Awesome.”

To put this in its “Awesome” perspective, when Tony was elected VP of membership, he started saving all the Chapter Membership Reports as they were released from the National Office. The August 31, 2011 listed 252 members. The January 31, 2013 Chapter Membership Report listed 288 members and the January 31, 2014 Chapter Membership Report listed 346 members. Tony is quick to point out that this success is the result of the Chapter’s great leadership teams, excellent programs and continuing legal education and the Chapter’s two dynamic Student Chapters. He hopes the Chapter breaks the 400 mark this year.

How do we compare to the other chapters in the Tenth Circuit? The Wyoming Chapter has 20 members. The Kansas Chapter has 36 members. The Northern/Eastern Oklahoma Chapter has 45 members. The Colorado Chapter has 97 members. The New Mexico Chapter has 99 members. The Utah Chapter has 350 members.