Posted by Judge Robert Bacharach on 07/10/2012

The Federal Bar Association proudly puts its "spotlight" on Ann Baskin. Ann has been a part of the Court Family for over 20 years, having started on June 29, 1992.

Ann is the Administrative Assistant to the Clerk of Court in the Western District of Oklahoma. In this capacity, Ann takes care of all of theadministrative details in the office and ensures smooth operations throughout the Clerk’s office. For example, she handles all of the Clerk’s correspondence, manages the daily docket, opens the mail, processes checks, and maintains the official records of the court, among other duties.

Ann and her husband, Mike, have three children: Aaron, Sarah, and Monica, all of whom work in the oil and gas industry. Ann and Mike are also blessed with two grand-children, Hannah (age 12) and Hudson (age 3). For 8 years, Ann and Mike have taken their grand-daughter on an annual vacation. When their grandson turns 4, he too will be treated to the annual vacation by Ann and Mike.

Ann has wonderful experience that she brought to the courthouse a little over 20 years ago. She was an administrative assistant at Watson McKenzie for roughly 10 years, then worked at Hall Estill for about 2 ½ years before coming to the Courthouse. She began as the secretary for the Chief Deputy Court Clerk, Mr. Grant Price. But with Ann’s experience and superior performance, her responsibilities have continued to grow.

Over the last 20+ years, Ann has seen numerous changes in the Courthouse. The biggest change in Ann’s eyes is the development of electronic filing. Although Ann misses the personal interaction with manual filing, Ann regards the development of electronic filing as a good thing.

In Ann’s leisure time, she enjoys traveling and has gone on many wonderful trips with her husband. Some of her favorite destinations include Costa Rica, St. Lucia, Hawaii, and the Caribbean Islands.

As everyone in the Courthouse knows, Ann always has a huge smile and a wonderful attitude. Apparently, it comes easy for Ann because she says she loves her job. In particular, Ann says she particularly enjoys the people who work in the Courthouse.

Mr. Bob Dennis, the Court Clerk, says of Ann:

Ann is not only efficient at what she does, but she does so with a cheerful heart. I have never heard her say a disparaging word about another person and I’ve not heard another employee say a disparaging word about her. She keeps up with everyone’s family life and she is the only one I know who can name all the spouses, children, and grandchildren of fellow employees as well as remember their birthdays and other important dates. Ann is a delight to work with and she is one of those key employees who sets the tone for the whole office’s esprit de corps. In Ann’s world, the office is not an office - it’s a family.

As Bob says, Ann is truly a delight and the Court family is so lucky to have her! For that, the Federal Bar Association puts its SPOTLIGHT on THE WONDERFUL ANN BASKIN.