Posted by Judge Robert Bacharach on 02/07/2012

The Federal Bar Association, Oklahoma City Chapter puts its "spotlight" on the eternally smiling, upbeat Cathy Suchy.

Cathy Suchy, Case AdministratorCathy is the proud mother of three children (Scott Suchy and wife Kelly; Shannon Peregrin and husband Mark; and Shay Payne and husband Kyle) and the doting grandmother of eight (Cate and Turner Suchy; Joe, Jack and Drew Peregrin; and Ethan, Emery and Eli Payne).

Before joining the court family, she worked as the Administrative Assistant to the President, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Financial Officer for Consolidated Asset Management Company, which is a subsidiary of First Interstate Bank of Oklahoma, N.A.

She joined the Western District of Oklahoma on January 2, 1990, as an Intake Clerk. In 1996, she was promoted to the position of Civil Docket Clerk. In 2004, she was promoted again to the position of Case Administrator. In addition to her work as a case administrator, Cathy retains duties for financial matters.

She has received multiple special service awards and recognition for her outstanding service.

Cathy has loved working at the courthouse. Her favorite thing about working at the courthouse is the people. She loves the people in the court family and the camaraderie.

Bob Dennis, the Court Clerk, says:

Cathy came to work for the Clerk’s Office in 1990 after a stellar employment career in the banking community. She was hired initially as an Intake Clerk and later promoted to Case Administrator. Cathy is a solid and reliable employee who demonstrates exceptional organizational skills. She is an inspirational "team player" and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. It has been a joy working with Cathy for the past 22 years.Cathy Suchy and Bob Dennis, Court Clerk

Alas, Cathy will be retiring at the end of February, 2012. She will miss the courthouse, but is eager to spend more time with her family. She also plans on volunteering at the Children’s Center in Bethany.